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Low code Adoption Survey - Our Observations

Hfs Research in Partnership with Infosys recently released a study on adopting low code solutions.

Here's the link to the study ->

Here are our takeaways from it -

#1 There's no "no code" solution, not just yet :D

#2 Low code solutions are gaining mass adoption (95% of the surveyed organizations using or exploring low code solutions)

#3 Need for speed has accelerated adoption of low-code

- The adoption is being driven by citizen development (aka business teams building workflows)

- Adoption is also driven by cloud enablement - cloud enabled applications can "talk" to low code solutions easily

#4 This pushes RPA positioning further

- Low code is a space created by RPA vendors through a push for citizen development. Most RPA products were not citizen ready when they pushed. Low code platforms have entrenched themselves very well in this space.

- Greater cloud enablement will help low code platforms

- Would RPA get pushed more towards legacy or "not so integratable" applications? Jury is still out on that!

#5 Low code does not mean Low/No IT involvement -

- CoEs will continue to enable business/citizen teams

- Business can be trained to build low to medium complexity uses cases. IT will play an educating, coaching, enabling role.

- IT would build complex cases

- For pratical purposes, business may ask IT to build it

#6 Value is in speed of execution / Time to realize value - even if IT were to build it

- low code platforms are great for fast implementation

- addresses skill availability issues, "low tech" talent can be used to build

- IT services partners will help accelerate implementations

#7 Spending on low-code platforms will double in next 3 years. Great opportunity for IT services partners to help organizations!

Talk to us about low code!

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