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Prototype Designer



"You are the process owner. Current process needs lot of manual interventions and has high operating costs. The process KPIs are lower than top quartile benchmarks. You wish to ideate how to digitize the process and improve process KPIs."

Solve - Your Process Challenge

We bring a suite of capabilitities to solve your challenges

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Process Mining & Measurement

  • Understand process execution, benchmark process KPIs

Computer vision 01.png

Computer Vision & OCR

  • Use computer vision to digitize document intensive processes

RPA 01.png

Robotic Process Automation

  • Automate well defined and structured tasks


Natural Language Processing

  • Human - Bot interaction in natural languages

chat 01.png

Chat & voice bots (Conversational AI)

  • Interactive chat and voice support for a variety of use cases

NLP 01.png

Speech Generation & Processing

  • Use speech processing to authenticate and interact

Workflow 02.png

Workflow Orchestration

  • Use low code platforms to automate simple workflows

VR 01.png

Augmented / Virtual Reality

  • Enable news ways to enable immersive experience


Thinking Woman 01.jpg

"Your processes are documentation intensive.


You are using OCR, but accuracy is less, straight through processing (STP) is low"

Solve - Document Processing

We have deep computer vision expertise. 





Eliminate mundane work & smartly Integrate documents with multiple business Processes.


Easily work with Invoices, Purchase Orders, Identity Documents, Registration Forms, Customer Satisfaction Survey forms, and other documents with Doqumate!​


Save Time & Money


Satisfied Customers


Engaged Employees


Happier Partners

Digital Marketing 05.png

Your Sales Team spends majority of time on admin work.

Your customer service team has a poor AHT. And a low CSAT. 

Or, you have seasonal spikes where you need extra hands for support.

Solve - Hire Digi Worker

Get the help you need


Suzie - Sales Assistant

  • Hire Suzie to help you with lead creation, note taking, pipeline tracking and other sales activities.

  • Pay by hours of usage


Curie - Customer Service Assistant

  • Hire Curie to help you manage on-call tasks, make call summary and do reporting.

  • Pay by hours of usage


Dorie - Document Automation Analyst

  • Hire Dorie to assist you with document processing tasks from invoicing to GRN processing

  • Pay by hours of usage


Design Your Own Assistant

  • Bring your use case and we will help design your own digital employee.

  • Pay by hours of usage

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