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All Hands In

Who We Are


Our Vision:

Radically Simplify Today's Work.

Design Business Process For The Future.

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What's in a name?

Simple. Senzible. Crafted.

We use our "senses" to perceive. Apply "intelligence" to decide. And "craft" a response. To operate business processes.  


Meet The Founding Team

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Partha, Co-Founder 

CEO & Chief of Products

  • Partha - LinkedIn

20+ yrs in IT Industry, Deep expertise in intelligent business process automation using robotic, vision and cognitive tech; Product Manager; Speaker and thought leader in process automation


Niroja, Co-Founder


  • Niroja - LinkedIn

20+ yrs in IT Industry, Expertise in Architecting & Developing Enterprise Applications; converting ideas to products using cloud and cognitive tech

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Customer First:

We will do what’s in the best interest of our customers, even if it’s painful.


From the process to our products, we will keep things simple and easy.

Experiment. Learn. Implement. Repeat:

We will make progress by experimenting and learn by doing every day.

Transparent and Driven by Facts:

However difficult, we will be transparent to our clients, partners, and employees and our decisions will be driven by data.

Enjoy the journey:

We will try to enjoy every day as we push the needle.

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Our Values

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