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Beyond the bot! Launch Episode!

Our CEO, Partha was invited to the launch episode of Beyond the Bot. Hosted by Dave Dabbah, "Beyond the Bot" is a podcast launched by Robocorp on process automation.

Over the 50 mins of the chat, Dave and Partha covered -

  • About senzcraft and the vision behind launching senzcraft

  • How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping organizations unlock value

  • Gen 1 vs Gen 2 RPA - the value drivers - open source, consumption based, secure and scaleable

  • Multi-vendor RPA strategy for enterprises

  • Use cases for process automation

  • From Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation - how to navigate the journey

  • Enabling citizens "AIY" (Automate It Yourself)

  • Crystal Ball - Where is process automation headed

Listen in to the episode here

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