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You want to respond quickly to client RFQs.

But it takes you a few days to send a quote to a prospect? 

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Senzcraft Solutions




  • As In-charge of commercial, you understand that speed to respond to Request for Quotations (RFQ) is important. And it makes a  difference between winning and loosing the deal. 

  • You want to acknowledge client RFQs quickly and quickly put together a quotation and send it across.


Operations Control

  • You are in-charge of the operations and command center. Your team needs to work with regional teams and drivers in near real time.

  • You want to automate as much of the command center operations. Creating and scheduling trips automatically. Tracking and monitoring trips to optimize travel time and fuel costs.



  • As In-charge of the transport operations, the P&L responsibility is on you. You want to optimize 3rd party transport cost. 

  • You want to assess and evaluate options from multiple partners to get the most attractive rates. 



Customer Service

  • As In-charge of customer service, your KRA is improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and reducing Average Handling Times (AHT).  

  • Growing call volumes can pose a challenge to both, you wish to lend assistance to the customer service team so they can deliver a superior experience. Making it easier for them to pull information from multiple systems to update the customer.


Hire a Digital Commercial Worker

  • Get the speed you need to respond to RFQs.

  • Never miss a deal! Win more business.  


Hire a Digital Operations Worker

  • Get the help you need to improve operations!

  • Support business growth - do lot more with less!


Hire a Digital Customer Service Worker

  • Lend a helping hand to your customer service team.

  • Help them spend more time with the customer!

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Custom Automations

  • You bring a challenge and we will find a way to solve it!

  • We build solutions using low code, robotic automation, computer vision and AI.

Your Benefits

  • Increase Revenue

  • Improve Sales Effectiveness

Commerical Effectiveness

  • Improve command center operations

  • Better support 24x7 operations, tracking and control

Effective Operations

  • Optimize 3rd party transport cost 

  • Optimize routing and expenses

Expense Optimization

  • Pay by hour for the digital workers

  • Augment your teams and lower cost of operations

Pay by Hour

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