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You want to reduce cost of transaction processing.

But your Teams are spending more time on accounting entries? It’s difficult to hire accountants? Cost of hiring increasing every year stressing profitability? 

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Senzcraft Solutions




  • You manage the accounting and reporting for your clients.

  • Your goal is to make accounting automated, quick, accurate and compliant.

  • And reducing accounting costs to improve profitability.



Account Payables

  • You objective is to automate invoice processing and pay vendors on-time.

  • Currently, Indexing activity is manual or you get low Straight-thru-Processing (STP) from OCR solutions. You wish to improve.

  • You are looking to automate payments.




  • You manage the audit for your clients.

  • Your goal is to identify risks, likely fraudulent entries covering as much expenses as possible.

  • And automate auditing activities by reducing time and effort in data collection and analysis.



Account Receivables

  • You wish to digitize GRN processing to raise invoice quickly on delivery. Reducing DSO.

  • You would like to improve collections with timely reminders and automated follow-ups.

  • And automatically reconcile payments.


Automate Document Processing

  • Simplify Invoice, Purchase Order, Bank Transaction Processing

  • Extract details from documents

  • Simple & Easy to use


Hire a

Digital Auditor

  • Get extra help to manage audits using robo auditors

  • Expand invoice audits, automate tracking and compliance


Hire a digital

finance worker

  • Automate AP 2/3 way matching 

  • Automated GRN receipts processing and invoicing

  • Performs accounting 

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Custom Finance Automations

  • We implement custom finance solutions using computer vision, workflow, low code, RPA, AI & ML solutions

Your Benefits

  • Improve KPIs e.g. DSO, OTP, CF

  • Improve Audit outcomes

Improve KPIs

  • Augment your team with digital workers

  • Prepare for future of work

Empower your teams

  • Simplified and Automated Operations

  • Workflow driven and Role Based

Simplify Operations

  • Pay per transaction (pay per invoice)

  • Pay by hour for digital workers

Pay by hour

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