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The Wall of Ideas



"You are the process owner. Current process needs lot of manual interventions and has high operating costs. The process KPIs are lower than top quartile benchmarks. You wish to ideate how to digitize the process and improve process KPIs."

Ideate - Your Process Challenge

We can help you

Benchmark 01.png

Baseline Current Process

  • Benchmark the current process KPIs


Ideate New Digitized Process

  • Ideate and design new automated and digitized process

Build Process.png

Develop New Process

  • Design and build the new automated process

Metrics 01.png

Measure Impact & Outcomes

  • Measure the key process KPIs and keep improving continously

Thinking Woman 01.jpg

"You are the Intelligent Automation COE lead. You want to scale your Intelligent Automation program but you are not able to."

CoE Setup

We have run IA CoE. We know your challenges intimately.

maturity 01.png

Assess CoE Maturity

  • Measure CoE Maturity against a set of parameters

COE Growth 01.jfif

Scale IA Program

  • Ideate ways to scale your IA initiatives and create more value

Measure COE 02.jfif

Define CoE scorecard

  • Ideate how to measure CoE performance 

COE results.png

Improve RoI

  • Ideate how you can improve ROI from IA initiatives

Digital Marketing 05.png

"You are responsible for educating the organization about Intelligent Automation. You need to publish lessons learnt, case studies and videos. But, you don’t have the bandwidth to generate the content and work with your marketing team to create it."

Digital Marketing

We can help you

Case Study 02.png

Case Studies

  • We can create your case studies or you can pick one from ours



  • We will write articles, whitepapers or PoVs for you



  • We will create amazing infographics for you

Video 02.png


  • We will edit and make your videos zazzy!

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